By Sheryl McAlister, a writer based in South Carolina.

I have the good fortune to serve as an adjunct professor at a local South Carolina college. While I bring a background of journalism and corporate communications into the experience, I continue to benefit greatly from those academic mentors and friends who generously share their rich experiences leading a class of students.

Throughout my career, coaching people has been one of my favorite things. I have found a rhythm in the classroom that blends my appetite for lifelong learning, my propensity to draw outside the lines, my aversion to “doing things the way they’ve always been done,” and my appreciation for students who have the desire to grow in ways they didn’t realize they could.

While my students have planned and executed some cool final presentations, one stands out. When this particular group of women presented in class, we did not record it, unfortunately. But I knew we had to find a way to capture their work in order to share it with others. The project, as part of the Media & Popular Culture class at Columbia College, focused on the lessons of the film “Boys Don’t Cry,” starring Hilary Swank.

Their project — #IAmHuman — is as significant as its message is profound.

Click here for #IAmHuman.


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  1. Sheryl, I share to FB. This is deeply thought provoking. If only more will listen to understand & learn, not to change!
    You look like your beautiful Grandmother.

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