Bracing for Florence

As monster storm approaches, heed the warnings & respect those evacuating

By Sheryl McAlister, a writer based in South Carolina

South Carolinians are a resilient bunch. They know how to prep for a storm, weather a storm and dig deep to recover from a storm. The one approaching our state and neighboring North Carolina is a monster. And the unpredictability of it makes it all the more terrifying and stressful.

I’m having flashbacks to Hurricane Hugo, another wild storm that smacked into our state nearly 30 years ago with a vengeance. This one feels eerily similar. To those unfamiliar with this SC hurricane preparedness ritual, heed the warnings. And take care of the visitors in your town from other parts of the state.

I wrote a post in 2016 when Hurricane Matthew came ashore, and I thought it might be appropriate to share again. In Evacuating Takes a Huge Emotional Toll, I wrote about the trauma caused by times like these.

As our fellow citizens make their way to safe haven, help them out when you can. To all in the path of Florence, Godspeed.


Copyright 2018 Sheryl McAlister.



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  1. Good comments as we await coastal friends arrival! At a festive birthday dinner tonight we thought of the diners on the TITANIC who partied away as their ship hit the iceberg. We had a great time!

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