Got ‘Er

Maxwell Arrested & Charged with Sex Crimes

By Sheryl McAlister

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplice is behind bars. Finally.

And if there is any justice in the world, she will stay there for the rest of her life.

Earlier this month, Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of sex trafficking among other things, was arrested and charged with sex crimes. By all news accounts, she did everything possible to evade the authorities. Epstein, who was arrested in July of 2019 on similar charges, died in prison before he could be brought to trial.

Both Epstein and Maxwell are monsters. No distinction, although Maxwell’s participation seems particularly egregious. And the news media should call it like it is. Media must stop referring to her as anything but an alleged sex trafficker. She is not a madam. She is not a socialite or a recruiter. She is not a friend or longtime girlfriend of Epstein’s.

Just because she’s rich and beautiful and female doesn’t change anything. She’s a predator.

They’ve got her, and the judge has denied her bail.

I hope she tells everything. I hope she names every name. And I hope they never let her go.

Read A Monster is Dead.

© Copyright 2020. Sheryl McAlister.

See something? Say Something.  National Human Trafficking Hotline: or call 1.888.373.7888


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  1. Great! No bail, EVER!
    Seize all her property for victims!
    Thx, Sheryl♥️🥰

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  2. What Maxwell and Epstein have been accused of is monstrous. He was and she is a predator. Everyone involved should be investigated and exposed as monstrous predators. But our very human wish for retribution must never pass for justice and warehousing human beings cannot be justified. If society cannot be otherwise protected from such crimes against humanity, then execute the perpetrators . And, then, let’s each examine our own complicity. And, then, let’s seek justice.

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